This is our PASSION

Our aim is to expand the community of like-minded individuals who share this passion to live well.

We strive to build a stronger Malaysia.

The Kettlebowl Method looks into fitness beyond the physical aspect. Our holistic approach towards wellness serves to help build better communities, better teams, and most importantly, better humans.

Our Story

Our Founders

The Kettlebowl was founded by Nick and Nell, a pair of avid Crossfitters who seek to promote a healthy yet sustainable way of life. It started off as a means of discipline and accountability for the duo. At the same time, to spread inspiration and motivation to others. 

When the time came to bring the business to life, the pair teamed up with their good friend, Yen. The trio started off as a healthy snack company, crafting a unique selection of artisan granola. Fast forward to August 2018 (and after a gruelling 2-weeks at MaGIC’s Pre-Accelerator bootcamp), the team made a strategic business decision to retire its granola operations and shift its focus into wellness solutions. Ultimately, to foster a #FitterFasterStronger Malaysia.


Corporate Wellness Solutions

We believe in the potential of using fitness as a vehicle for companies to build better teams. We go beyond just one-off team-building activities.

Our programs are focused on improving overall team engagement, creating effective leaders and driving individuals to become the best versions of themselves.

Event Management

We use health and fitness as a tool of engagement. Leveraging on our wide network of wellness professionals, we are able to create and deploy out-of-the-box ideas to help brands connect with their consumers.

Let us help you tell your brand story.

Past Projects

The Kettlebowl’s Birthday Bash

Since its inception, this fitness party that started off as a celebration of our brand has grown remarkably. Its humble beginnings in 2017 brought together a crowd of 180 people. In 2018, we brought the party to the hip & trendy APW Bangsar, where over 2,000 individuals gathered for a day of food and fitness. Our 3rd celebration in 2019 brought about a fresh new concept as we combined multiple fitness principles into a one-of-a-kind workout experience.

Record-breaking moment with Sun Life Malaysia

We organised the largest indoor rowing session in Malaysia with over 200 participants as we made our mark in the Malaysia Book of Records. In line with our client’s #LiveHealthierLives initiative, we managed to bring together a community of over 350 individuals for a fit day out. Other activities included Rhythmic Boxing and Zumba.

PUMA Train 24/7

Serving as the official workout partner for this event, we wholly managed and organised all 9 different fitness classes across 3 workout zones. We also provided ticketing and participant management services.

Corporate Wellness Services

We’ve organised and managed multiple wellness initiatives for a variety of corporate clients such as British American Tobacco, Maxis and Hong Leong Bank just to name a few. From wellness programs, corporate fitness classes, wellness days, health and nutrition talks, etc. We offer a wide variety of services to cater to your corporate health and wellness needs.

Client Testimonials

Passionate, creative and dedicated – are three words to best describe Janell, Yen and Nick. When it comes to engagement, their ability to continuously propose innovative ways to attract and communicate with the targeted audiences via an array of delectable nutritious snacks plus community fitness events never fail to impress us. We are extremely pleased with the growth the collaboration has brought – our client’s participation has increased remarkably by 525% (comparing first event in Q1 with recent event in Q2).

The Kettlebowl stays true to their goal of building a #FitterFasterStronger Malaysia by spreading positive perceptions towards a healthier lifestyle – in line with Sun Life Malaysia’s Purpose of helping Malaysians #LiveHealthierLives.

Sun Life Malaysia

The Kettlebowl organised Ativo Suites’ concept healthy lifestyle living and it was well planned in terms of agenda and line up of workout sessions.

The Organizers were punctual in setting up and facilitated the workshops. Special thanks them for helping to manage the participant flows from the registration up to the end of event. Their team was very flexible although thunderstorms caused the change of location and solved the issues at hand very quickly.

Their ability to increase social media engagement was good – The event was well covered across social media via participants’ and instructors’ accounts.

TA Global Berhad


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