About Us

This is our PASSION.

Our aim is to expand the community of like-minded individuals who share this passion to live well.

We strive to build a stronger Malaysia.

The Kettlebowl Method looks into fitness beyond the physical aspect. Our holistic approach towards wellness serves to help build better communities, better teams, and most importantly, better humans.

Our Story

Our Founders

The Kettlebowl was founded by Nick and Nell, a pair of avid Crossfitters who seek to promote a healthy yet sustainable way of life. It started off as a means of discipline and accountability for the duo. At the same time, to spread inspiration and motivation to others. 

When the time came to bring the business to life, the pair teamed up with their good friend, Yen. The trio started off as a healthy snack company, crafting a unique selection of artisan granola. Fast forward to August 2018 (and after a gruelling 2-weeks at MaGIC’s Pre-Accelerator bootcamp), the team made a strategic business decision to retire its granola operations and shift its focus into wellness solutions. Ultimately, to foster a #FitterFasterStronger Malaysia.

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