Q: How long till the crunch goes away?
A: Our granolas and nuts packaging comes in a ziplock pouch to maintain its freshness even after you've started snacking on it.
Ideally, we recommend that you consume all products within 3 weeks after opening.
If your bag is left unopened and stored in a cool, dry place / fridge, the granola is best before 6 months; nuts best before 3 months, and energy bites best before 1 month.
Yes, we test our products on ourselves - no animal testing is done in the Kettlebowl laboratories! ;)

Q: Is this product halal?
A: Although we are not halal-certified, we promise that our products are meat-free and we only use plant based oils. We will be working towards a halal-certification in future.

Q: How does delivery work?
A: We offer courier delivery within Peninsula Malaysia at the moment, and if a Partner Granola Hub is within your vicinity, you can opt to pick your order up from the selected Hub.

Q: Ok I've placed an order, but how do I pay?
A: We currently accept credit card and bank transfers.

Q: I'm hungry! When will my granola arrive?
A: Our ovens are fired up over the weekends. So as long as your order + payment comes in before Friday 12PM, you can trust that we will have your order baked fresh and delivered to you in the following week.

But wait.. I still have more questions!
We are always eager to hear from you, drop us a Facebook message or e-mail us at thekettlebowl@gmail.com and we will get back to you asap!